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Wouldn’t it be more fun and easy to have an app that has everything from daily news updates to funny videos? Helo app serves for that sole purpose. Helo allows you to connect with people, share trending videos and memes, new Whatsapp statuses and quotes every day, entertainment news and updates on your favorite celebrities. The app has 14 different languages including Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and other regional languages, which enables its users to communicate and connect with their friends easily. It also allows its users to comment and share the content on various other platforms too. Other similar apps like Helo offer the same purpose with a variety of content. Explore the world and connect with people with these different alternatives to Helo:



apps like sharechat

ShareChat can be considered as one of the best alternatives to Helo app. It enables you to make new friends, share jokes and get instantaneous news updates every day. To ensure comfortability and effortless connection with friends, the ShareChat app offers regional languages for its users. The app has a wide collection of memes, hilarious videos and jokes that allows the users to share easily. Users can also show their imaginative side and become an internet celebrity too. From makeup tips to fitness videos, ShareChat has it all. Want to know how your day goes? ShareChat offers daily horoscope and accurate updates on astrology. With devotional songs and bhajans, the ShareChat app can be used by the older generation too.




apps like roposo


Being India’s biggest video community, Roposo allows its users to share videos and images spontaneously. With numerous quirky filters, stickers, and effects, you can create astonishing videos. You can edit your videos and add trending stickers to make it more appealing. Roposo users can even create videos in slo-mo or time-lapse to make it more engaging. Become an overnight celebrity and get views by using trending hashtags.

Roposo has a variety of jokes for its users to laugh at and pass it on to their friends. For all the people who seek motivation can get their daily dose of soulful and inspirational quotes. Channel your emotion and express yourself with the perfect words. Take wisdom from fashionistas and bloggers through the app. Get makeup and clothing tips from fashion bloggers and models. You can even chat with them to gain more information on the respective subject. It is a one-stop destination for all the divas out there.




apps like facebook

From eight-year-old kids to 60-year-old grandpas, Facebook found its way through everyone. With daily updates on news and other important things, Facebook is one of the best apps like Helo. It enables its users to express freely on the global platform. Numerous pages on diverse topics such as memes, funny videos, celebrities and news headlines are all available on Facebook. Users can subscribe or follow the pages of their choice and share it amongst their circle. It has become one of the best social media platforms to gather important news stories and updates. One can even check the trending section to know about the happenings around the world. Learn food recipes, makeup tips, DIY ideas, news articles and chuckle at funny videos and memes all on Facebook. The story update feature on Facebook enables users to try out different filters available. One can even conduct a poll to develop an understanding with their followers or friends. With the live stream option, Facebook users can visually connect with a real-time audience during main events. Users can also build or find a career through facebook.


apps like samosa

No this is┬ánot the fried snack you’re dreaming about. Samosa is one of the best Indian app and an amazing alternative to Helo. It offers numerous filters and stickers to edit your videos. The best part of the app is that the stickers are available in your regional language. Samosa users can use the desi stickers to create a fun element to their videos and share them instantly across other social media platforms. With more than ten thousand songs and music bits available on the app, users can easily add them to their images and videos. The Samosa app offers its users to communicate in their own regional languages, thus proving to be the best app like Helo. In this modern era where we communicate mostly through GIFs, Samosa app helps us in a way. All your favorite animated GIFs from movies, celebrities, and other entertaining GIFs are available on this app. From audio clips to funny quotes the Samosa app can be considered as the hub of entertainment.

Isn’t it wonderful to have everything from videos to photos all in just one app? The above-mentioned alternatives to Helo app help you to build a rapport with like-minded people. Though all these apps are similar in a few ways, it is all unique from each other. From motivational quotes to amusing videos, all these apps would help you to relax from everyday stress. Share, connect and unwind with these apps like Helo.

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