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In this tech-savvy world, we are constantly updating about the happenings in our life and around the world on social media. The most used and famous app in this millennial age is Instagram. It is continuing to be the best platform to showcase one’s content and creativity. With a great motivational and exquisite content, one can even become a social media influencer through Instagram. Illustrations, motivational contents, fashion tips, business promotions and what not! Instagram has it all. Users, in a simple way, can capture and share their moments through images or videos on Instagram. Wouldn’t it be more fun if you can find other apps like Instagram that enables you to share your content on the internet? That which makes your content viral and reach a wider audience? We got you covered. Many other social media platforms are similar to Instagram that makes sharing simple and easier. Here are the other alternatives to Instagram that makes your life much lighter:

  1. Snapchat

apps like snapchat

Here’s a fun way to share your moments. Snapchat it! Add quirky captions, filters and fun effects to your image and send it to your friends and share it across your list. New filters and selfie lenses are added frequently, to ensure that Snapchat users are exposed to diverse filters. Snapchat added the video calling feature to easily contact your friends. No matter where your friends are, you can now phone or video call them through Snapchat. Another great feature is the memories. Snapchat offers free cloud storage and even creates stories from your favorite memories. It gives you nostalgia by creating moments from your old memories. Snap map is the latest added advantage to check and share live location on the map. The global platform also gives live updates of famous events like the Oscars and other award functions. The most fun part of Snapchat is maintaining the streak! If you and your friend send images or videos snap within 24 hours every day your streak will increase. But text chats don’t count as a streak. What are you waiting for? Snap to your friends and maintain the streak!

  1. Tik Tok

apps like tiktok

With more than 500 million users globally, Tik Tok stands tall for creating and sharing short videos. Initially named as Douyin, it was branded as TikTok for the international market. In the aim of creating a larger video community, musical.ly merged with Tik Tok in 2018. The musical.ly users’ accounts and videos were all retained to continue using Tik Tok. With numerous music features and quirky filters, Tik Tok allows its users to create short and fun videos. From transition videos to creating comical videos, Tik Tok is an amazing alternative to Instagram. Movie dialogues and songs were mostly used by the Tik Tok users to create videos. You could also gain a huge number of followers who prefer your videos and can even collaborate with famous Tik Tok users. Gather your friends and make countless videos with Tik Tok.

  1. Google Photos

apps like google photos

Need huge storage space for your photos and videos? Google photos to the rescue. With free unlimited storage for photos and videos up to 16MP and 1080p, Google photos are easily accessible. Photos are safely backed up and can be removed from your device’s storage in just a tap. Google photos provide the greatest advantage. It is much easier to search for your old photos now. Google Photos recognize people, geographic landmarks and things by grouping similar ones together, which makes the user save time in their quest to find important photos. It also automatically creates collages, movies, and GIFs from your photos which you can easily share with your friends. Forget downloading a separate photo or video editing apps. Google Photos has powerful editing tools and help you to transform your photos and videos. You can easily share your albums with your friends by giving them access to all your photos. If the users want much bigger storage, they can expand it with the storage plans offered by Google Photos.

  1. Pinterest

apps like pinterest

Pinterest serves as a hub of visual discoveries that contains numerous information about almost everything and anything you need. From wedding inspirations to DIY project ideas, Pinterest is almost similar to apps like Instagram. Be it decorating your home or looking for fitness tips, Pinterest serves as an inspiration to its users. Pinterest users can explore articles on trending and recommended topics. One can even save or pin it for future references. Pinterest can be used for personal or professional gains. Pinterest acts as a realm of numerous ideas that enables its users to gain inputs. Share your ideas with your followers and find numerous ideas to discover new possibilities.

  1. Tumblr

apps like tumblr

Tumblr acts as a fun way to share your thoughts and connect with numerous people. It is a blogging platform where users can express themselves and bond with people over similar stuff. Tumblr is a content sharing platform that allows you to publish on a variety of subjects. Tumblr not only allows its users to share photos, texts or videos, it also gives the option to send audio and has live stream features. Tumblr users also can make their own GIFs and use stickers. Tumblr is all about customization and the users are enabled to change the look as per their need. Live stream feature on Tumblr is a hit and gives live updates of the event happening around the world. Tumblr has been the breeding ground for fandoms and pop culture contents. It is a great place to share your artwork and find other diverse contents.

  1. Flickr

apps like flickr

Flickr is considered as the photographer’s paradise. It is the most influential community of photographers in the world where one can, edit and share their photos anytime. Flickr is simple and elegant and is home to millions of photographers. On the professional front, if you are planning to start a photography business in the future, then Flickr is the place. It helps you to explore more and is unique in its own way. Flickr has countless high-resolution photos. Flickr’s best feature would be the free storage. It gives an impressive 1TB of storage for its users. Flickr focuses on the art of photography than any other major social website. It purely focuses on building a platform for upcoming and acknowledged photographers. In terms of sharing images with followers, Flickr can be mentioned as a good alternative to Instagram.


apps like facebook

Facebook was originally created to connect with friends and people worldwide. It is one of the best apps like Instagram, that helps you to express yourself freely. Facebook is a great platform to share images, videos and voice your opinion. It has achieved a step higher in becoming the leading news source amongst other social media platforms. Nowadays, people prefer Facebook to gather news resources. From sharing important contents to helping out someone, Facebook has a quicker reach. Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has been a huge hit worldwide with almost billions of users across the globe. Even media houses prefer Facebook to share important news stories and to give daily updates. Its story update feature was a huge hit after its launch. One can edit and use numerous filters to update their stories on Facebook. The live stream option is a major advantage. It gives a live visual update of the happenings around the world. It has become a gateway for social media marketing and for developing businesses too. Facebook has recently updated its privacy concerns to ensure safety for its users. Through effective marketing, one can earn money through facebook too. If you have the right social marketing skills, then this is the platform for you. Develop your business and enhance your professional life through Facebook.

  1. Imgur

apps like imgur

From funniest images to inspiring visual stories, Imgur has it all. Hilarious animated images of dogs and cats, memes, and GIFs on Imgur, sure lightens your day. Imgur is an online sharing community where users can share and even vote for their favorite images. It was widely recognized on various social media platforms and gained enough attraction. Imgurians even earn points and trophies by commenting and voting on the images. This makes it all the more amusing to use the app. The creator of Imgur specifically made it to share images on Reddit easily and further gained recognition for its hotlinking. Imgur made sharing of images easier which simply avoids bloated webpages. Be it movies, cosplay, art, pets, or comics, you will find it all on Imgur.


apps like twitter

Whatever happens around the world, you heard it on Twitter first! On Twitter, people communicate on brief messages called tweets. Twitter is a global platform where people use it to voice out their opinion, share links, images, and videos. The most burning issues are discussed on Twitter. It is considered as the best place for breaking news and giving live updates. Twitter guarantees efficient and fast distribution across the world. The hashtags help the Twitterati to find a topic of their interest easily. The trending chart, that changes frequently, helps the users to know about the happenings around the world. The column is categorized on the geographical locations that help you in finding out the burning issue happening in your location. Although the tweets are restricted to 280 characters or less, users can use the Twitter thread in that case. A Twitter thread is a series of connected tweets that help the followers to check the updates on the same issue in a sequential manner. In fact, the character limit forces you to be more creative with your writing. The live stream option gives a great opportunity for Twitteratis to connect with a real-time audience. It also helps us to track everyday events happening in the world. As similar to Facebook, Twitter is also effective for its social media marketing. There are many social marketing executives who earn money by just using Twitter. If you think this is the right platform, then what’s stopping you? Learn about algorithms and find your way through marketing.

Twitter is a great platform for breaking news stories. The hashtags ensure that the news reaches like-minded people instantly. Twitter also helps business or branding contents to reach a wider audience. We are at an era where people prefer fast advertising and Twitter is a great platform which serves efficiently for that sole purpose. Most celebrities and leaders like Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, and Narendra Modi, use Twitter to build a personal connection with their followers and to promote their views. Twitter is useful because it makes you connect with people and gives you a real-time source. It leaves an impact on people’s mind.

  1. Yummi


An app just for foodie addicts? Count us in! Yummi app allows you to post your food photos and tag location. The users can effortlessly share their food experiences with the foodie community. It is also easy to recall your food memories and you can view your food history in a calendar. The yummi app helps its users to find or avoid the best food nearby. By choosing the NearMe option, foodies can find or locate good food nearby. It’s a place where one can find inspiration by following others and imparting their knowledge on food. Yummi is simple to use and can be used as a food journal. Users also can share their own homemade recipes to help their fellow foodies. Yummi is a tasty alternative to Instagram which is mainly dedicated to food.


Hope the above-mentioned alternatives to Instagram gave you an idea to choose the app best suited for you. All the apps mentioned are free and helps you to develop and connect with a community of like-minded people. Be it photos, short videos or creative content, the social media network provides a great stage for us to share it with a wider audience efficiently and instantly. Now, with the advent of technology, it is much easier to connect with people across the world. These apps like Instagram provide a great opportunity to share our thoughts and opinions.

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