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Apps Like Pinterest | Free Alternative app to Pinterest

apps like pinterest
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Apps like Pinterest

Pinterest happens to be a social network, with its own app version for Android users. Currently, Pinterest boasts of 250+ million users, using it, sharing pins with one other and more. One of the reasons that Pinterest had grown in popularity happens to be the fact that you can organize your own virtual board, pin items that interest you (hence its name), check it out any time and share the same with your friends. What makes Pinterest interesting is the fact that you can check out the other virtual boards and the various pins on it, and get inspired; you can even ‘re-pin’ their ideas on your boards and even comment on what you think of their ‘ideas.  Think of Pinterest more like an idea board and you’ll get the hang of it; with over 100 million pins and counting, you should certainly get the inspiration you are on the lookout for. 

The great thing about Pinterest is that it allows you to explore various ideas, to check out trending topics and to collaborate with others. It certainly allows you to explore your boundaries and more importantly, it enables you to share any pins that you may come across, in real time. It allows you to use the Pinterest lens on how to buy it, how to make it, etc with others instantaneously. 

Pinterest is very easy to join in and register and if you are serious about looking for apps like Pinterest, you may want to aim for similar functionality, ease of use and more. These apps should certainly provide you with an alternative to apps like Pinterest, and that’s all the more reason that you should check them out. 

Do check out our top ranked alternatives to apps like Pinterest, posted below.


  • We heart it

apps like weheartit


If you are on the lookout for alternatives to apps like Pinterest, then you definitely got to check this one out. Apart from the fact that the app comes with a quirky design and an interesting display, it comes with all the functions that Pinterest does and more. It enables you to take snaps and to share them with your friends and associates in real time. Moreover, you can use this app to create a collection of items/ things that you’re either interested in or ones that you would definitely want to avoid. You can use this app to share your ideas with other like-minded friends online with the help of this app.  

Moreover, it is easy to install and easy to use as well, so you should not have much of a hassle getting the hang of it or in using its various features. The interesting thing is that this app comes with several modes – there’s the basic mode which is free to all and then, you have the “get the look”, which is ad-free, and comes with photo editing features – which is currently available at $6.49/mth. And then, last but not least, you also got the ‘We heart it discover”, which also happens to be an ad-free version and is currently available with both one-month subscription ($1.99), six-month subscription ($8.99) as well as a 12-month subscription ($11.99). Check it out today.



  • Dude pins



When it comes to Pinterest, you may find that it is more mixed up, with various pins, clamouring for your attention. But when it comes to Dude pins, you will find that it is more similar as Pinterest. The overall design of the app leaves a lot to be desired, but it is certainly clean, easy to use and above all, one that is ‘manly’ enough. As you may have guessed, this app is a lot more like Pinterest where you can pin any idea, picture, or even video but with the content that’s designed to mainly appeal to men of various demographics and age groups. That could well account for its increasing popularity so if you were on the lookout for apps like Pinterest, you would definitely want to take a closer look at Dude pins. If you thought this app was full of crass stuff, then you may want to do a rethink as the app ensures that all the content uploaded is clean, neat and one that’s manly enough without appearing gross or crude. It is currently available in the app as well as an online website and ranks among the top when it comes to alternative to apps like Pinterest.



  • Pearl trees

apps like pearltrees


When it comes to looking for apps like Pinterest, you would definitely want to check this one out. It is similar to Pinterest in almost every way and instead of pins, you get to use trees and pearls. You can add ‘items’ that interest you and create your own pearl tree and share it with others in real time. You can also check out the other pearl trees, post comments, and share it on your virtual board and much more. The only downside is that the interface is a tad outdated but that being said, this app provides for a surprisingly refreshing alternative to apps like Pinterest. This app is more streamlined and offers better functionality than Pinterest and that’s no mean feat. Pearl trees is free to use, you can download and install it but the premium version is available at a subscription rate of $2.99/month which comes loaded with various features such as offline mode, customization features, storage etc.



  • Dribbble

apps like dribbble


If you are looking for alternatives to apps like Pinterest, then you should feel right at home with Dribbble. For starters, it comes with an interface similar to Pinterest. Think of Pinterest, but one that specifically caters to designers and that’s what Dribble is all about. This app is responsive, easy to navigate and enables you to post small blocks of content on your wall and allows you to check out the other blocks of content posted by other designers. It features diverse designs, from logos to posters, graphics, pixel art and much more. It is definitely worth checking out this app and you can share your designs as well, in real time. This app should help provide you with all the inspiration you need for coming out with your own unique and ‘jaw-dropping’ design. You can download and install it for free and it is currently available both as a website and an app, for both androids and iOS.


  • Memit


How often had you come across ‘items of interest’ online only to waste several hours trying to locate the same website later on? Well, thanks to this handy app Memit, that should no longer be an issue. With Memit, you should be able to capture images, articles, and notes and just about anything else that captures your interest. You can save them and upload the same to Memit as part of your collection. What makes this app similar to Pinterest is the fact that it enables you to share your collection with others in real time, and you can also check out the collection shared by others. More importantly, this app allows you to customize your profile page, to decide which part of your collection should be ‘private’ and which can be shared with others, etc. It certainly comes loaded with quite a few features including the ability to share your collection with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc. What makes this app stand out is that it can also provide you with detailed analytics as well. It is free and easy to download and ranks right near the top which is all the more reason that you need to check it out.



  • Tumblr

apps like tumblr


Tumblr is a social networking app, in more ways than one. This app allows you to express yourself, to let you interact with others and to share GIFs, text, video and just about anything with others. On the whole, this app should help you meet some interesting people and moreover it is free to download and install as well. What makes this app stand out is the fact that you can customize your Tumblr from the background colours, layout, and font to just about anything. What’s more, you can use your Tumblr account to join likeminded communities and interact with just about anyone. What’s more, you can also live stream various events from around the world, including sports onto your Tumblr account and share it with your friends in real time. This app should help transform your life for the better.



  • Juxtapost


This app is quite popular among online users and what sets this app apart is that it happens to be just like Pinterest. It allows you to browse, to share pictures in real time with other users, to check out their images and to gather ideas. It is the same format that you would have come across with Pinterest with one marked difference between the two. Juxtapost provides you with a “more like this” link that enables you to surf other similar images sourced from third-party sites. And you do not even have to leave the main site to do the same, and later on, you can bookmark the images you like, to a spreadsheet and save the same.  




apps like is one trendy and smart app that allows you to save anything from the online web and enables you to bookmark the same, to organize it into collections so that you can access the same quite easily. It is certainly similar to Pinterest in the sense that it comes with a similar interface and allows you to set up your collection in a similar format. It also allows you to tag the same and set up thematic collections with ease. This handy app should certainly help make your life better and what’s more, it supports nearly all the sites so you should be able to read letters, watch media files by tagging and saving them accordingly. You can share your bookmarks with others, and even used advanced search for locating the same or something that’s similar. It is free to download and install and one that you would want to definitely look into.

  • Tribalist


This is a quirky little app; it is sort of like Group me but with a difference. It allows you to create lists of what you love, what you find interesting or what you would like to purchase and more.  What’s more, you can create this list with others in real time, and what’s more, it also comes with interesting recommendations which should prove to be interesting. What makes this app stand out is the fact that you can create a list on any subject from your favourite ones and choose to share it with others as well. Think about it, all the things that you love, in the form of a list and in one place. This app, which is free to download and install is easy to use and tons of fun as well.



  • Shutterstock


If you are on the lookout for an app that’s similar to Pinterest, then you would definitely have to check out Shutterstock. And just like Pinterest, this app enables you to share photos, videos, and music in real time, with other users. With Shutterstock, you should be able to share your high-resolution images and media files with other users and check out their catalogue as well for more ideas and inspiration. And that is all the more reason for you wanting to check out this app. 

These are some of the top ranking apps that happen to be similar to Pinterest in one form or the other. Do check them out and you may also want to note that each one differs in functionality and provides you with interesting opportunities to meet new people. Some of the apps can be downright handy, enabling you to create innovative ideas and even to help you find backers for the same. Whereas, others enable you to make video calls with others in real time and help you to make meaningful contact.  


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