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Roposo is one of India’s biggest video community that allows its users to share videos and images instantly. It offers the best filters, stickers, and effects to create astonishing videos. Roposo has slo-mo and time-lapse features to make your videos more appealing.  Not only videos, but Roposo also has a collection of jokes and motivational quotes that makes your day lighter. From fashion tips to amusing videos, Roposo is a one-stop destination that has everything. Wouldn’t it be equally amazing to know other similar apps like Roposo? To connect with more people and to chuckle at funny videos? We got you covered. Here’s a list of other alternatives to Roposo, that would make your life easier.


  1. ShareChat

apps like sharechat

Being one of the best alternatives to Roposo, ShareChat enables you to connect with people, share jokes and get immediate news updates every day. The app has a wide collection of memes, amusing videos and jokes that allows its users to share it easily on other social media platforms too. Upload your creative videos and become an overnight celebrity. Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and other regional languages are offered by the app to communicate easily and effectively with your friends. All the divas out there can find a copious amount of makeup and fashion tips at ShareChat. One can even check their daily horoscope to find out how their day would turn out. With devotional songs and bhajans, the ShareChat app can be used by the older generation too.


  1. Vidstatus

Apps like vidstatus

VidStatus has a wide range collection of videos in regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, and Punjabi. Famous Bollywood movie clips, trending videos of jokes, sports, and GIFs, everything is available on VidStatus. You can even follow your friends and connect with people by sharing your favorite videos or chatting with them. VidStatus offers a free video editing tool to create 30-second video songs with stickers or filters for you to share it easily on other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. Users get the latest updates on entertainment, gather health or makeup tips, home-made remedies and even daily horoscope from VidStatus. Another highlight of this app is the lyrical video editing. Users can record or select videos from their personal gallery and add music, emojis, and stickers to create a video song. With numerous advantages, VidStatus can be counted as fun and distinct app like Roposo


  1. Messenger

apps like messenger

Afraid to give your phone number to someone but still want to share something important? Messenger would be of great use in that case. No need to exchange your phone numbers, just send the person a message. Previously it was named as Facebook Chat and was subsequently changed to Messenger. Through Messenger, one can add a silly sticker or send GIFs and use emojis to communicate efficiently. Share multiple photos and videos by adding a filter or doodle with your friends or even add them as stories. The best feature on messenger would be the group video chat. Yes, you heard it right!  You can video chat with multiple friends at the same time. If you are lazy to text, use the voice message feature for easy communication. With Facebook Messenger, you can share your location and play games with your friends. From funny games to quizzes, this would definitely be your next gaming obsession.


  1. Pinterest

apps like pinterest

Pinterest is like a community that has everything and anything you need. It is a hub of visual discoveries that contains numerous information on specific topics. Be it decorating your home or looking for wedding inspirations, Pinterest is the place to find it. Fitness tips, skincare routine, project ideas, DIY ideas and many more are available on Pinterest. Users can explore articles on trending and recommended topics. One can even save or pin the idea for future references. Pinterest, being a realm of diverse ideas, can definitely be considered as a great alternative like Roposo. It can be used both in the professional and personal scene. Users can get their daily dose of inspiration and gain inputs through Pinterest.


  1. Jodel

apps like jodel

Jodel, pronounced as ‘yodel’, is one of the best apps like Roposo. Through Jodel, you get real-time updates on what’s happening in and around your city. It acts as a live social feed for your community’s events, news and questions. Post images or a short text anonymously on Jodel app. You can even vote on Jodel to decide what your community talks about. This is an easy app to provide local news information. You can share news events, discuss the problems you’re facing in your locality or even share funny experiences with your neighborhood. With the hometown feature available on the Jodel app, you can post even if you are far away. Jodel is a fun way to communicate with your locality people and gain useful information too. 


The above-mentioned apps like Roposo are similar and easy to use. From funny videos to daily tips, you can easily connect with people across the world. With these apps, sharing videos and images instantly with our friends has made our life at ease. Hope these alternatives to Roposo gave you a prompt idea on which app would be best suitable for you.

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