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Showbox is an iOS app that allows a user to upload pictures and videos to the Showbox account easily from their phone. Whatever images or videos you shot from your iOS devices can be synced effortlessly and you can edit them using tools to showcase your creativity through Showbox. You can incorporate the best of both the worlds. Use your device’s camera to shoot high quality videos and then sync them on Showbox to further edit them. this will result into professional looking portfolio. You can easily create stunning videos without having to use much tools and equipments. Showbox allows you to create beautiful videos and covers all the aspects of creating professionally looking videos. However, there are so many alternatives to showbox app that are loved by people all across the world.


Instagram alternatives


Instagram is a fun yet simple social media platform that allows you to capture and share moments around you. You can follow your friends, family, celebrities or just your favourite people and keep yourself updated about what are they upto. You can also share the pictures and videos that you’ve captured to let the people who follow you come to know about what’s up with you. Also, you can edit them before sharing and apply several filters too to make them look more creative and unique. Share your stories with everyone while getting inspired from others around you and know about their day to day lives.


  • Magisto video editor and maker

apps like magisto


Telling your stories through videos is now at your fingertips since Magisto makes the video editing easier than you can think. It helps you to create and edit videos that you have previously shot within a matter of minutes so you can share it on various social media platforms. It also allows you to create videos through photos. And not only this, but also you can create slideshows and add effects and music as per your choice. It is the perfect app for those of you who are on the go or just simply don’t have the professional skills to edit videos. This app is all that you need to create stunning videos and share them amongst people. It is one of the best apps like Showbox that is used by people everywhere.


  • Special video maker with music

Special video maker with music


This video editing app provides you with all the facilities to edit and create videos that make you look like you’re a pro. It allows you to create any type of videos you like, be it slideshows, typography, event videos, introductions, visualisations and so much more! You can also directly record videos from the app if you wish to. And moreover, it supports so many different filters and effects that all your moments can be converted to amazing videos through your creativity. Once you finish creating the video of your choice you can easily share it on several social media platforms as well.


  • Viva Video

apps like vivavideo


Viva video unleashes the creative video editor in you by allowing you to edit and create the most creative videos ever! With over 200 million users all across the globe, Viva Video has been ranked amongst the top video editing and video making apps by app bloggers. You can create professionally looking videos in no time and so easily. You don’t need professional skills to edit or create the video of your choice. Viva Video has loads of effects, animations, stickers, text and other effects that you can incorporate in your videos. You can easily share your creativity with friends, family and also on social media and let people know how creative you are!


  • Videoshop

apps like videoshop


If you are a beginner and looking for an easy video editing app, Videoshop is probably the one you should go for. It is very easy to use to personalise your videos by adding music, filters and so many different effects. You can choose from several transition effects, make your videos in slow motion or increase the speed, trim and merge small clips, add various sound effects and a lot more! This is an all in one app that you need to have on your device especially if you are an amateur. It’s easy to use interface will enable you to create the masterpiece you’ve always wanted to. If you are looking for some alternatives to showbox app, then you might want to consider this one since it has amazing features just like showbox.


  • Pocketvideo- video editor


Pocketvideo is one of the most powerful video editing apps in the market if you’re looking forward to creating professional videos. If you are vlogger, youtuber or simply just like to create and share videos on social media, this is your one stop destination app. It allows you to create, shoot and edit all your videos very easily. Also, it supports all kinds of video formats so you can create and edit videos according to the social media platform you want to share them on. It has professional desktop tools as well like video overlays, picture in picture and green screen overlays. The creative animated doodle tool allows you to draw on top of your video clips that is synchronized along with playback. The precision edit tools allows you to pay attention to minutest details and edit the videos in the most creative way possible. This is one of the best alternatives to showbox app if you are looking forward to creating high quality and professionally looking videos.



  • Vidlab – video editor and movies


Vidlab is a video editing app that allows you to create photo stories and fun videos by adding to them various texts, music, sound effects, videos, voice overs, photos, and loads more! you can add animating texts as well to your videos and make your videos look even more beautiful. Choose from a wide variety of fonts that come along with the app and get all creative. The unique templates allow you to create video collages as well. You can also add stunning filters and effects to your videos to make them look more interesting. This is one of the best alternatives to showbox app if you are looking forward to creating high quality and professionally looking videos.


  • Funimate

apps like funimate


Funimate is ranked number 1 in more than 100 countries in the app store which clearly states how good of an app it is to create videos. It is one of the best video editing apps that comes with some of the most creative effects ever. The interface of the app is so easy to use that you can get as much creative as you want by mixing and adding hundreds of effects to your videos. You can make some of the coolest videos by drawing on the screen and adding some real time effects as well. Also, once you are done with editing your videos you can easily share them as well on social media platforms without compromising the quality of the edited video.


  • ProShow web slideshow creator


if you are looking forward to creating extraordinary video slideshows, then this app is just the one you need. ProShow web slideshow creator is tailor made to combine pictures, videos and texts to create a creative video slideshow in very simple steps. You can use this app to showcase your photography skills, create wedding videos or just share some memories that you’ve created with friends and family. You can import pictures and clips from various places like your phone gallery, Instagram and facebook. Then you have to select a theme according to your preference, add some music of your choice and some texts if you wish to. And your creativity will be outspoken! It is this simple to use. Also, you can instantly share it with people wherever you want.


  • Canva- graphic design creator

apps like canva


Well, if you are someone looking for an app to create amazing designs, logos, posters, stories, social media posts, or just simply want to add a glamorous and fun touch to your photos, this is one of the best apps that you can use. It is such a fun and creative app that lets you to edit and make whatever you want at your fingertips. Moreover, the app has thousands and thousands of previously designed templates for all your needs so all you have to do is select the template you like, edit it and give your final touch! You don’t need professional skills or high end softwares to design a poster or logo or just a social media post. All you require is Canva!


  • BeautyPlus- snap, edit, filter

beautyplus alternatives


This is one of the best photo editing apps in the market since it gives you the option of auto beautification for all your selfies, so you don’t have to worry about your selfies not looking good. You can easily create stunning selfies and selfie videos with just one tap. Also, you can give a touch up to all your selfies by removing blemishes, brightening eyes, brightening face, whitening teeth, shaping your face, and a lot more! you will always look beautiful in your selfies no matter what. And not only this, you can also edit the already clicked pictures in your gallery and give them a glam touch with the amazing tools this app has. You can add stunning filters, stickers, and even add makeup if you’re a girl and feel your face needs some makeover! Check out the app to find out what all does it have to beautify your face.


  • Loop video & GIF maker


With this app you can easily create mini videos if you want that will loop back and forth like a GIF. You can shoot a video using your camera or choose the video that already exists on your device and then upload it to the app. Then cut and clip the portion from the video that you want to make a GIF on. Once the clip is extracted adjust the speed at which you want it to loop. And that’s it! You are ready to share it with your friends and family on social media. So easy and simple to use, right?


  • Videorama video editor


Videorama is an app that allows you to create amazing videos from your already existing photos or video clips. It is an all in one app which you would require for all your video editing needs. You can use this app if you want to promote your business, edit the clips taken on cams or drones, or just want to share the memories reminisced with friends and family. Also, if you are looking forward to sharing cool videos on social media for your new blog or business, then this app is just what you need. You can edit the clips and photos however you wish to by combining, rescaling, reshaping, and loads more. Also, you can make use of the animated texts and put them as an overlay to make your creation look even more creative. And not just this, the app has a lot more exciting filters, effects, graphics and so much to offer you! It is one of the best apps like showbox that you can find in the app store.

Showbox is an interesting app if you are looking forward to combine your photos and videos at one place and create professionally looking videos. It is one of the best apps you can download from the app store on your device. However, if you are also open to experimenting and trying out different apps to edit your videos or photos, you can try any of the alternatives to showbox app. They work amazingly well and help you to create the videos you have always wanted to. The above mentioned apps are some of the best apps like showbox that you can check out for creating and editing videos of your choice. Get all creative and share it with your friends, family and fellow followers on social media. Let everyone know how creative you can get!

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