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Making funny faces on mobile screen and getting addicted to the clicks is now a trend which our generation is quite fascinated to follow. Well as the normal camera do not provide you distinct funny faces and is too boring for the youngsters to use, they prefer to make you of an application termed to be as snapchat. Well, all the other messengers work normally but snapchat has its own special feature like it suddenly deletes the message right after it has been seen by the receiving person. Along with that it also includes many funny templates as well as some cool filters which you can make use of while capturing images.

People are never satisfied with what they have instead they thrive for more. Similarly, in spite of all these cool features provided by snapchat users demand for more and intend to get bored with the app over a period of time then think of trying other apps like snapchat.

When you start searching you shall find enormous apps which is perfect alternatives to snapchat, here is the list of all top apps similar to snapchat which can be used anytime and anywhere in the world:


apps like wickr me

This application provides end to end encryption in which it gives the users with totally encrypted images, text or even video messaging providing the total control to user itself. It is quite impossible to trace out your conversation your ID provided by Wickr is totally anonymous. Similar to that of snapchat it has all photo filters, stickers which the app users can make use of while taking pictures moreover this app has no annoying ads to get you bored. The main advantage which you find is that messages are totally secured due to encryption technique, but the filters used in this app are that entertaining compared to that of snapchat.


apps like snow

When you are thinking about alternatives to snapchat you should never miss out Snow. When it comes to creating some cool and exciting video by using different motion stickers then this app is just made for you. Not only sharing videos this app enables the users to interact with each other using its unique chat function. Chatting becomes more fun when you can create your own animated GIF’s immediately and share with your friends. My story feature makes it easier to broadcast your images and videos to all your contacts within seconds of time. This app comes with an advantage like having very unique motion stickers where users can pick up their favourite one, but the only drawback is that you should probably store all images and text in your mobile photo gallery as there is no option to save aside.


apps like instagram

When it comes to photo-sharing then instagram is the first application which comes to every person’s mind as it is has a good resemblance of snapchat as well. It is very unique as this app has a built-in camera filter which users can make use of in both Android as well as iOS devices. It resembles snapchat as it has both story and live function in it but now instagram has disappearing images and text feature which is not presently available for snapchat users. You will find this app very user friendly to use with higher image quality as users can upload many images as well as videos on its data base in a single shot. The main difference you will find is that instagram does not have face templates like snapchat and the collection of filters are quite limited. When it comes to ads this app is totally free for every user and ads do not stop the entertainment in the middle anywhere.


Similar mobile app like snapchat is Clipchat and a detailed analysis makes the users to refer this tool as Snapchat clone as this app nearly has a distinct function just like destructing images and videos on its own without any user interference. When being compared to snapchat this app is too user friendly and faster in terms of speed in both receiving and sending messages. Searching your friend in this app is very easy all you need to do is enter their username and then you shall easily find them in no time. In an app if interface is important to you then this app is specifically made for you but the only drawback is that is does not allow drawing unlike snapchat moreover taking screenshot is not allowed too.


apps like msqrd

You can get enormous number of filter out there in various apps like snapchat but this app is quiet exclusive as it provides the user a unique animated filter as the user captures a selfie or video selfie. The distinct mobile program can change any users face into an animal, cartoon or anything which they choose from the collection of the filter. Some users get very annoyed and disturbed from this app as it has a watermark on each picture being capture or even on the video being recorded but the quality of the animated selfie is outstanding. When compared to snapchat this app basically has very few filters and also the functions are being limited in terms of capturing pictures as well as videos.


You may have heard of Facebook messenger but this is a new feature which allows disappearing of messages and images along with daily stories called Messenger Day. The main functionality of this app is similar to that of snapchat where you can capture images with built in camera. Adding text to the captured images, overlaying cartoons and also dragging stickers into story is what makes this app more users friendly. The story uploaded by the user can be viewed by their friends and it suddenly disappears after 24 hours. When it comes to installation then user need not worry to fill in all details as you can directly connect through FB messenger account.


apps like boo

This application is very easy to use and is a simplest version of snapchat which even kids can use. Similar to that of snapchat it provides messaging with text as well as photos which is then upgraded by adding motion stickers and GIF’s which is said to be used by millions of users all around school as well as campuses. Taking pictures is so easy that all you need to do is simply tap anywhere on the screen for the image to get captured. Young users truly love this app as it is a decent one and also more comfortable to use but the only drawback is that when compared to snapchat this is not a mainstream app.


If you are done with snapchat and prefer to use other similar new mobile application which can share pictures then this app is just made for you. Snapchat allows you to send and receive message as well as disappear it in seconds, but Slingshot works in a very distinct way. When it comes to comparing two things then this app is used as more of a polling application with help of images. Moreover this application provides their users daily questions which they can answer with their friends.


apps like youcam

If you are looking the best alternatives to snapchat with a better selfie shot then do try this application. This application is filled with variety of enhancing filter effects which can make your selfie images as well as videos more outstanding and enhanced. Apart from the camera filter effects this application comes with two different options to beautify your images. Whether you want to enhance or even edit the image by adding more effects or stickers this app completely provides all user needed functions. The only thing which will annoy you the most is that ads always pop-up in the middle which is not so cool, so the only way to get rid of all these ads is to purchase this application.


This application is a perfect resemblance of snapchat with some cool functions making it good choice as an alternative. With the help of this tool user shall have a ability to capture live images as well as share them directly from your library and create your own unique story which will be disappeared exactly after 48 hours. Your stories can be more enhanced by adding stickers, comments and doodles which will entertain all your friends but some of the devices may experience an error while using this app due to a technical issue which is not yet resolved. 


This is also one of the best snapchat alternative which basically lets the user to delete their attachment or messages within minutes. When it comes to maintaining privacy and leaving no trace behind then this app plays the perfect role. You might feel that user interface is not so good but once you get adjusted to it then you will be more comfortable. This app not only sends images but user can also transfer GIF’s, web URL’s, stickers which will disappear in no time. Sending message to a single person is common but in this app you can cloud blast the message for multiple persons. If anyone tries to screenshot your images then this app will notify you immediately.


This is a free instant messenger which stood up with its cool outstanding features similar to snapchat. In this app after sending or receiving the message user will decide whether to destruct the message or not. This can be achieved by turning off the self destructing feature which gives full control to the user and the user can also play many games with friends while the score is being recorded. When it comes to security then end to end encryption makes the messages more secured. You can easily create a group up to 200 members which makes the communication a lot easier so that a single message will be broadcasted to all other members of the group. You can make a call to your friend and communicate with them as long as you want as there is no separate charges for calls.


One thing which makes this app really stand out is that there is a desktop version so that you don’t always stick to your mobile phones. You need some work to be done in order to check your snapchat online but it is too easy for an app like telegram as it supports desktop versions. You can create your own channel to gain some interest on hobby or profession and can broadcast messages to any number of clients on your channel as there is no limit. The only difference you shall find when compared to snapchat is that there is no my story option available. The app does not show any kinds of ads which makes it more user friendly to use.


This is basically a freeware app which is built for instant communication like sharing media, text and all other stuff just like snapchat. This is basically Korean of Japanese subsidiary software launched in March 2011 which has many amazing filters and also cool face filters. With more than 1 billion users this app is totally accessible in both browser and also in its own app. Many of the features provided by this app are group calls, free stickers, group video calls, managing your own timeline, unique theme and funny snap stickers. The images are captured by a smart AI camera with real time selfie filters which you can share with all your friends within a certain community.


These are all the top alternatives which you shall find for snapchat that you can make use of anytime. All apps like snapchat have their unique functions and features. Therefore, they are all distinct in their own way. If there is an advantage of an app then there is disadvantage too as nothing is perfect in this world. You are the user who is going to make use of these apps so you must decide your choice according to your needs and requirement.

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