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Apps like spotify
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Apps like Spotify

While it might appear Spotify has everything, the features on this application are limited when you don’t pay for a subscription. So, numerous people who utilize the Spotify’s free option may discover their experience restricted and search out for apps like Spotify where they can tune into free tracks for whenever and as much, they wish. Fortunately, there are many exceptional alternatives to Spotify, to guarantee you get an ideal experience.

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So where would you head in case that you can’t pay for Spotify Premium or Unlimited subscription plan? 

Here’s a list of top apps like Spotify that will be its awesome substitutes.


  • Grooveshark


More than 30 million individuals use Grooveshark internationally. It’s a relatable app that offers free on-demand music streaming features. Like Spotify, Grooveshark incorporates the alternative to share your playlists or songs with contacts on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. It likewise offers the advantage of a downloadable desktop application. Alongside you also get the option of uploading your own music and radio streaming. Grooveshark also provides artists and music recommendations based on your listening preferences.


  • Pandora Radio 

apps like pandora


If your primary purpose of using Spotify is to play music in the background while you are busy performing any task, Pandora is one of the perfect alternatives to Spotify. Pandora is somewhat unique concerning other music streaming services. It is more like a custom radio station than a jukebox. People can make stations as per the stylistic relation among artists and songs, and after that, Pandora’s algorithm engine plays the music that fits those details. The limitlessly long, personalised radio stations are superior to anything that other apps offer in the market with an astounding recommendation engine that exceeds expectations in uncovering your next top favourite band.


  • Tidal

Tidal alternatives


Tidal is owned by rapper Jay Z, which is a high definition music streaming service covering music from the entire world and allows you to listen to them at whatever time you desire. It is amongst the first music apps in the world that offers music with HD Streaming sound with High definition of videos as well as curated editorials by a few fantastic music professionals, journalist, and artists. This application empowers users to watch from a category of above 130,000 music crystal clear videos directly in the app. Users can, without any effort, find their favorite music through expertly crafted suggestions, album playlists, and presentations by the pro music journalists. 

Also, with its lossless audio experience, users can appreciate the taste of music that they want. Additionally, you will not be frustrated with fuzzy images and ads while using this app. Users can structure the playlist of their favorite songs too for enjoying it in offline mode.


  • TuneIn Radio

Apps like Tunein


TuneIn Radio is an online radio service, an extraordinary decision if you want something more than what a local radio in your smartphone offers. TuneIn Radio provides radio stations from all over the globe to one spot so you can tune in to music just as a live news broadcast from throughout the world. For music, you’ll need to pick a radio station from a genre. There are more than fifty options to browse comprising jazz, soundtracks, hip-hop, folk, and country songs. Also, TuneIn Radio blends all the radio stations playing tunes of that particular genre. This feature gives you an opportunity of getting access to an enormous collection of music without restricting yourself to a specific language or country.


  • SoundCloud

Apps like soundcloud


SoundCloud has thrived as a music streaming service since it easily links with the social media platform. It implies users can share any listenable track with just one click. Users can also practically build unlimited playlists within this app. Further, members have the potential to follow different users at the platform – you can discover and post new content by tapping on the home to get a musical based feed. Also, simply click the re-post button to get tunes on your personal SoundCloud stream page and like a button to add songs to your ‘like collection.’


  • Deezer 


You can call this one a Spotify twin that is simply free and not irritating. It has a smooth interface. With more than 50 million of tracks, playlists composed by hip music editors around the globe, your very own soundtrack – this app is one of the great alternatives to Spotify. Car, TV, and Hi-Fi support are all offered with this music streaming application. It also has the feature of creating custom playlists as well as sharing it with other users. Additionally, the music library, offline mode, and custom suggestions absolutely make this app a worthy substitute. 

Eventually, it is a high-quality app like Spotify, providing a great selection of tracks.


  • Google Play Music

apps like google play music


Google Play Music, a service accessible for individuals who have a Google account. Users can make their personal custom playlists on the app with just a couple of clicks. Furthermore, it gives them a chance to transfer that personal music playlist and access it on the go on Apple or Android device or the web. Or on the other hand, utilize Instant Mix to create new playlists of tunes automatically from your collection that goes incredible together. One more perk of the app is that the tunes you recently played will be automatically accessible in the offline mode too. You can likewise choose the particular artists, collections, and playlists you desire to play when you do not have internet access.


  • Last. FM

apps like last. fm


Last. FM is a music streaming radio station and offers services like Spotify. It enables you to play music on the web, offering its members customized radio streams yet, besides, a music suggestion service through its feature called Audio Scrobbler. It hosts 40 million users from over 190 nations and consists of more than 7 million music tracks. In this app, users can pick genres or artists that they wish to tune into so it can assemble playlists that fit with their preferences.

Thus, for the individuals who are somewhat baffled with Spotify’s strategies, ideally, one of these apps like Spotify will serve you well.

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