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Top 7 Apps Like Tumblr | Tumblr Alternatives

apps like tumblr
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Blogging platforms have long been used for storing online journals and to share information globally on the internet. Among numerous microblogging sites, Tumblr stands tall and is being used by millions around the world. Tumblr is a content sharing platform that allows you to publish on a variety of subjects. From discussing the latest fashion content to bonding over fandoms, apps like Tumblr have both been used for sharing informational content and also for aesthetic purposes. If you are in the quest for similar apps, here’s a list of other alternatives to Tumblr.

apps like tumblr

  1.  Pinterest

apps like pinterest

Serving as a hub of visual discoveries, Pinterest is a social media network that contains numerous information. Users share their ideas through images and the followers can interact and pin the ideas that interest them. From DIY project ideas to travel & wedding inspiration, Pinterest is an amazing alternative to Tumblr. Latest data reveals that over 250 million people use Pinterest every month. Pinterest is maddeningly addictive, which serves to your social and emotional needs.

  1. WordPress

apps like wordpress

WordPress is a multifunctional platform for blogging. It is both used in the professional and personal front. This SEO-oriented website is best suitable for dynamic contents. Did you know that a WordPress account can be controlled by multiple users? This unique idea enables efficient teamwork to provide informative resources. Other than blogs, WordPress is also used for creating business websites, e-commerce stores, resumes, portfolios, social networks amongst a few other creative contents. Even famous bands like The Rolling Stones website are powered entirely by WordPress. This blogging platform serves as a competent alternative to Tumblr.

  1. Instagram

apps like instagram

A successful way to share your content worldwide would be through Instagram. Most Instagram influencers share their art and creative content through this $100 billion worth app. Illustrations, motivational contents, fashion tips, promoting your brand and what not! Instagram has it all. It is a simple way to capture and share your moments with images or videos. You can even earn money through Instagram if you have a huge number of followers. Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has been constantly developing its features. It introduced two important features that were an instant hit amongst its users. One is the Insta stories, where you can constantly update or even share content through it. The other feature is the igtv, which acts as a channel for various content. The igtv feature allows users to post longer videos as compared to Instagram posts. This new feature has been of great use for influencers, who can promote and share their video content with limited restrictions. It also provides live streaming of events that allows its users to connect with their audience in real time. Instagram is also a great way to start a business account and promote it with like-minded people. It is one of the best apps like Tumblr, which has a wider reach of audience.

  1. Twitter

apps like twitter

Whatever happens around the world, you heard it on Twitter first! Twitter is a social networking site that people use it to communicate in brief messages called tweets. Twitter is considered as the best place for breaking news and giving live updates. Twitter guarantees efficient and fast distribution across the world. With the hashtags and trending column, it is the best place to know what is happening in the world instantly. Though the tweets are restricted to 280 characters or less, users can use the Twitter thread to maintain a sequence. We are at an era where people prefer fast advertising and Twitter is a great platform which serves efficiently for that sole purpose. Most celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Katy Perry and leaders like Donald Trump, and Narendra Modi use twitter to build a personal connection with their followers and to promote their views.  Twitter also has the live steam option to make sure that the audience is up to date with the worldwide happenings.

  1. Wattpad

wattpad alternatives

To all the aspiring writers out there, wondering where to share your stories with like-minded people? Wattpad is a good platform to publish your stories. Curated under different genres like classics, non-fiction, humor, horror and teen fiction, Wattpad is a cultured platform to share your writings. It enables the authors are able to create an identity of their own. Wattpad has also initiated a new program that helps authors to earn money through the platforms. It is a great site for book fanatics and provides a community of people with similar interests.

  1. Facebook

apps like facebook

Another famous app like Tumblr is Facebook. Though it is used to connect with people worldwide, Facebook is a great platform to share important contents, photograph and post links. Since its launch in 2004, this huge networking company has been a huge hit worldwide. Facebook is a great platform to spread a message quickly. It has become a gateway for social media marketing and developing business too. With its engaging features, Facebook is simple and easier to use. As similar to Instagram and Twitter, Facebook also has a live stream feature for instant updates.

  1. Reddit

apps like reddit

Need a place to discuss various topics from conspiracy theories to memes? Reddit is the place. Although beginners find it difficult to use, once you find a way through it, you would be engrossed. Known as the front page of the internet, Reddit has millions of users who actively discuss about the trending topics and long lost theories. Reddit is powered by people and acts as a gateway for sharing interesting content and voicing your opinion. It’s almost similar to a newspaper, but it is more timely and interactive. The subreddits gives you a collection of content curated for its users. The subreddits are customized to suit their audience. Reddit also has a voting system that enables its users to read the important and most liked content.

All these above-mentioned apps like Tumblr provides a unique and free platform to share exciting content and interact with people across the world. Go berserk and write your wits away by using these alternatives to Tumblr.

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