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Apps like Uber Eats | Top Alternative Apps to Uber Eats to Order Food

apps like uber eats
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Apps like Uber Eats make delivery of food faster, easier and ultimately more convenient if you want to savour your favourite dishes at home. The taste won’t be different if you were dining at the same restaurant and it is delivered in the way you want. Browse through hundreds of restaurants in your vicinity and load your dishes into the cart. There are plenty of offers to cut down on the total bill. Most of these apps alternatives to Uber Eats give you the option of contacting your delivery boy and you can track where your order has reached. Plenty of payment options including PayTM, BHIM, Google Pay, etc make your job easier of ordering online food. Happy eating!


  • Zomato


Probably the most preferred alternative to Uber Eats worldwide, Zomato lets you browse through their large variety of options available in your proximity, avail their eye-catching offers available throughout the year, place your order and pay through their wide range of payment options to enjoy your food. Create your own collection of food you love to eat. Click on a particular restaurant and see all the reviews and pictures of it along with clicks of your favourite dishes. Use filters like Cuisines to end your craving for food.



  • Swiggy


Caught in a dilemma as in what to order and from where? Do you need to check out the top places to order from in your area? Swiggy is the right destination for you. It is much alike Zomato. Set the order according to your choice and thus never be dependent on the usual single orders. Multiple payment options ensure that you are not stuck at a single place. Many restaurants have special discounts which can be availed after adding the food items in your cart. Plenty of users give their reviews to help you decide the perfect place and food to order at your convenience. The recommended feature shows the best of places according to the type of food item entered. Choose from a wide range of recommended dishes or go with your gut feeling regarding a relatively unknown place and food item. Swiggy is an excellent application having something for everyone. 

  • Foodpanda

Foodpanda is an application like Uber Eats providing millions of users with the best tasty food in your proximity with door to door delivery quite quickly ensuring that its quality is not compromised with each passing day. There are many extraordinary provisions of this app that helps you get food of your choice around your nearby meal places conveniently and quickly enough. This application will go some extra miles to make your order for becoming one of the greatest food experiences you have ever had in the world before. Enter your address, choose your favourite restaurant, place your order and get your favourite meals in quick time. FoodPanda lets you choose your local favourites and brings the best pizza or sushi, healthy salads, burgers, sandwiches and other foods, and brings your dinner with love and care. Hence by using this delicious food delivery app, you can easily and quickly access some popular and tasty restaurants and simply place your order to get a meal that you want to eat in that particular period with much convenience. 

  • GrubHub

An excellent app for food lovers, GrubHub provides us our favourite meals at the doorstep any time we want. Operating the app is very simple and handy, beginning with entering address, going through a variety of restaurants in the nearby area, selecting your favourite dishes and placing order with a menu that ensures that no charges are hidden. It has numerous restaurant partners to aid you and leave no stone unturned in providing the best customer service to you. You’ll never get a chance to be angry with their service. By using its Express Order service, you can re-order favourites faster and quickly click on this option to catch the previously ordered stuff straight to checkout. It delivers more options in more places so that you can get better details and get to know the local food scenes. You can open Grubhub app anywhere to get the selection around you in no time. This app continues to expand its presence worldwide.

  • Postmates

A very good alternative to Uber Eats, Postmates lets you order stuff not only from restaurants nearby but also stores. Effortlessly swipe down to explore, swipe left to search, and right to see every detail of the previous orders. This fantastic application has made the groceries and delivery straighter and ever convenient to your doors, and you can follow your orders with precise and real-time accurate tracking. This app makes local delivery of your food items and their takeout quite quicker and easier. Choose from a wide variety of cuisines such as Chinese, Pan-Asian, Continental, Desserts, etc. 


  • EatStreet

Being a well-organised app, it helps its users make effective and simple food delivery and takeout experience. Plenty of marvellous features of EatStreet enable its users to order food in an ever convenient way. Find your favourite dishes like Sushi, Pad Thai Noodles, Pizzas, Burgers, Salads, etc at this very destination. You can pay with ease as this app has payment options in abundance. Order any kind of stuff through this app and avail the coupons, rewards and discounts and you may redeem them at any time you want before their expiry dates. In a scenario where you got to order quickly, this ought to be one of the most preferred picks. 

  • Foodora

Foodora is an excellent food ordering and dining app that helps its users get tasty food around them. It’s simple UI enables users to go through hundreds of restaurants, albeit many of them would be unknown but each restaurant’s main page contains its ratings and clicks to aid users. Simply download this app and go for your favourite food right from the word go. This app delivers grocery items too thus acting as a 2-in-1 app. The process of ordering is just like any other app of this category. A simple and integrated courier service ensures that little time is wasted in delivering the food to your doorstep. 


  • Seamless

Seamless is a free app providing free food ordering services to its customers. It brings one of the most convenient and best ways to order your favourite dishes in no time. Seamless Food Delivery/Takeout enables its users to search, sort, and filter for discovering exactly what they are craving. One can easily and quickly tell this app that how you want it and can even place an order with the tap of your finger. It is that easy. You are now enabled to monitor and track the progress of your order. Seamless is an easy, accurate, and free to use application through which you can get great restaurants, full menus, and cost less scenario in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island. This app is predominant in New York as it is evident from the names put up above. You may want to pre-order your meals ensuring that even the busiest of days do not prevent your favourite dishes from reaching you without wastage of any time when it is such a precious entity in our hustling lives. You can do this in a window of minimum 2 hours and maximum 4 days before the time of delivery. 


  • Eat24


Eat24 is a pretty easy, handy and convenient application, serving as an alternative to Uber Eats for ordering and picking up stuff from local restaurants really quickly. It helps that the app is free for use and boasts of a majestic takeover from about 40k restaurants in about 1.5k cities all across the globe and it keeps on adding to this humongous tally! Some really stunning features of Eat24 enhance your food ordering experience. It provides the searching and ordering of full menus, real-time reviews, fantastic customer support, and free coupons under one place. By using this app, one can use the healthy filter to discover the menu items. You may also explore popular and most delicious food items and delivery from restaurants around you, also providing better customization approach as well. It also has an attractive range of providence that gives a new worth for the delivery of meals and food items around your particular span. This app will never make you unhappy in terms of food quality and service, thus making it one of the most preferred apps in this category across the globe.


  • OpenTable


OpenTable is an amazing food ordering app which delivers Midas’s touch to find, reserve, explore, and manage restaurant instantaneously and freely in any town you are visiting. It also aids you immensely in finding new restaurants, real-time reviews and photos, exclusive earn reward points related to your favourite meal, view restaurants menus, and much more towards your most delicious meal. By using this app, you can easily reserve any table of your nearby restaurant in a simple, instantaneous, free, and handy way without much fuss. This app has been accessed by over a billion diners across the globe and counting! It boasts of an array of over 40k restaurants! It helps you access the dishes around your favourite restaurants, and search and find the restaurants by preferences such as party size, cuisine, price, time, date, and distances, etc. Besides, it also helps you manage restaurants on the go, make coordinate plans with friends, share your experiences, and do lot more that you would never have imagined otherwise! Go for this marvellous app any day. 


  • DoorDash

DoorDash is an application similar to that of Uber Eats boasting of sheer flamboyance aiding its users in finding the best of restaurants and food items across the city. Filter by cuisines, prices, reviews and much more to make your task much easier than you would have ever imagined. You can check out quickly with the card, track your home delivery with live and real-time updates, and much more. This app manages its users to explore more than 40,000 menus of your favourite restaurants in more than 450 cities in Canada and United States. DoorDash keeps on adding daily menus, delivery locations, and new restaurants on a daily basis. You may also want to avail the advance ordering option for scheduling food orders. Your most frequently ordered items show on the main page aiding you a lot. There is no minimum amount to order beside a wide range of payment options making it a very convenient app to order food from.


All these alternatives to Uber Eats offer you a new experience of ordering your favourite dishes. Watch out for the same dish in many of these apps before ordering to ensure that you save the most without any compromise in the quality. Do check out reviews of the food you want to order before making the next move. That’s it. These fantastic apps like Uber Eats do the rest for you without much fuss. 

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